Pablo Baez - Limited Edition

Imagine being able to combine two of the most “enigmatic” cultures in the world. Imagine being able to create something that brings together the magic of a tradition and the richness of the other. Imagine having something in your hands that is invaluable. We are not talking about economic value, but about human value and respect. Here there are not only worlds, cultures and traditions, but also two strong souls linked by the passion for creativity.


This is the link between Caparrini Matteo, designer and manufacturer of well-known brands of sneakers, known for his handmade work
and Pablo Baez, a professional artist and eclectic globetrotter. And it was from their trip to Japan that the idea of ​​creating the PB brand was born, giving life to a sneaker made from the finest Italian leather and from the fabric of the Obi Japanese belts that bears a century of history. These belts made mainly of silk or hand-embroidered fabrics have served and still serve to enrich the wearer’s kimono, and bring new colors and patterns to the traditional dress.


This collaboration aims to create unique pieces for equally unique people.